Residence Permit for Investment 

Current legal provisions offer foreign investors the opportunity to apply for a residence permit for investment activity, provided they have legally entered  into national territory (holders of valid Schengen visas or beneficiaries of visa exemptions), through capital transfers, job creation, or real estate purchases.

Who can apply?

Citizens of third countries engaged in investment activity, either personally or through a company, which generally leads to at least one of the following situations in national territory for a minimum period of five years:

  1. Transfer of capital amounting to €1 million or more;

  2. Creation of at least 10 jobs;

This also applies to holders of share capital in a company based in Portugal or another EU state, with a stable establishment in Portugal and a regularized tax status.

Documents needed:

• Passport or other valid travel document;

• Proof of entry and legal stay in national territory;

• Proof of health insurance;

• Request for consultation of the Portuguese Criminal Record by the SEF;

• Criminal record certificate from the country of origin or from the country where you have resided for more than one year;

• Proof of regularized tax status through the submission of an updated negative debt statement issued by the Tax and Customs Authority and the Social Security.

This permit allows any investor to freely travel and work in Europe (Schengen Area), without any restrictions.